K9WH Exposed!

A year ago our team mainly from a police-dog background got together to kick off this project.

Since then we’ve been asked many times ‘What’s it all about?’

Well, we are now going to ‘expose all’ here for the first time.

Imagine this, a group of service dog handlers, some strangers to each other, from different backgrounds and organisations, put them in a canteen. Supply ample tea & coffee, a few biscuits, then sit back and see what happens?

Predictably before long they’ll all be talking canine testicles to each other. They can’t help themselves, it’s natural but once the biscuits are gone they’ll up, leave and may never chat again. And, that’s a great shame because service dog handlers love to talk about their work, share ideas and enjoy the company of like-minded colleagues. It’s a community.

And so there the concept of K9WH was born. It’s an internet canteen, an online community centre for service dog handlers.Canteen 2

We’ve come to realise that there is a lot of love, interest and support from the public towards all areas of service dog work. And that sometimes the amazing work done doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.

To sum-up the K9WH project in a tea-cup.

It sort of made sense to us in this age of modern technology to extend the canteen community to an internet medium

We do have a few rules based on mutual respect, we do promote positive training methods because that reflects what’s happening within the industry. We welcome all handlers from all backgrounds, everyone has something to contribute, to share methods advances training and to exchange views is healthy.

Canteen 3However we hold no moral high ground, ours is a positive project, a modest project to extend the  community to a wider platform . We have no aspirations to challenge the industry hierarchy or undermine management of service dog work.

We love service dogs, we believe in their value to society and we love to shout about that. But, changing the world or looking for paparazzi style exposures is not on our agenda. The only thing exposed here thankfully is our desire to support this fantastic industry. And of course there’s always plenty of tea, biscuits and a healthy dose of dog chatter on offer. So please feel free to pop into our canteen and contribute.

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