Mick’s on the Move

Mick one of the founder members of the K9WH project has announced he will be leaving the team.

In at the start he has been an enthusiastic supporter of the project contributing to articles and promoting the ideals behind the project.

Mick who wishes to pursue other ambitions said,

K9KW Editor with Darcy


“I got involved originally because the principles behind the project really appealed. It’s been good fun and I have met some great people. But, I need to spend more time focusing on other plans for the time being”

Mick has promised he will stay in touch with the rest of the team and has not ruled out a possible return in the future.

The project will carry on as usual and although Mick’s contributions will be missed it offers us the opportunity to bring on board new members.

So if you fancy becoming involved drop me a line at


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41 thoughts on “Mick’s on the Move

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