MOD Police Donation – Service Dogs UK Charity

K9WH’s Mick Gentile was pleased to accept a cheque on behalf the charity Service Dogs UK at  MOD Police new recruit pass-out parade held at Wethersfield in Essex on Friday. The students of course 3/2016 raised the donation throughout their lengthy training course and chose the charity after seeing a TV programme highlighting the work of Service Dogs UK.

The charity set-up in 2015 provides dogs and support for veterans suffering from PTSD. Run by Judith Broug and Gary Botterill they have already fully trained and embedded 2 dogs with another two, Bella & Benny currently in training.

Ajax (2)The training takes around 6 -9 months and offers vital help for their veterans providing companionship, therapy and in some cases assistance. All their dogs are rescue and have to undergo a stringent assessment before being accepted into the programme. Those dogs used for assistance then have to pass the International Assistance Dog exam (ADI)

The donation for £650 was accepted by Mick at the pass-out parade and was presented by course students.

The donation will be used to fund the work of the charity who provide not just the dog but also support for the veterans who train their own dogs along with logistical help with food and vet costs.

Judith told us she is so grateful for the donation and the time and effort all those contributors have made to raise these funds. “Its amazing and I just want to say thank you”title

Judith also told us she is keen to re-define the popular perception of the term ‘veteran’ The Service UK charity include police officers, fireman & ambulance staff along with the armed forces as veterans for their programme.

We previously wrote an article about the charity and their work with sufferers of PTSD and what it means to those that receive support. Bringing Light Back Into Lives

For more information on the charity you can visit their website using the link. Service Dogs UK



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