National Police Dog Memorial Update & Roll of Honour

More news, we’d thought you’d like to know what’s happening with the project to raise funds for the construction of the National Police Dog Memorial.

Firstly,  Roll Of Honour – The ‘Roll of Honour’ is now being compiled and you can access this through the K9 Memorial site

Congratulations to our sculptor John Doubleday, who has published a book cataloging his fabulous work, we are so honoured and privileged to be working with John and have his ongoing support with the project.k9m

Secondly we are delighted to announce that we have a new line in merchandise, the cufflinks are exceptional, these along with patches and lanyards can be purchased by contacting ChzKs0hWMAUL5HE.jpg-large

Our next hurdle is the submission of the planning application to the National Memorial Arboretum in July, we’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

And finally,we’ve been invited to Westminster for a meeting with MP’s to discuss how we can move the project forward.

Roll Of Honour

Thank you all for your continued support in helping us reach our goal.

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