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Are Police Dogs undervalued

Police Dogs do not choose their jobs, they don’t grow up thinking it would be a great career choice, and in return do we really value their work.

by Paul Johns – March 2016

In other countries the loss of a Police Dog is not only mourned by the handler and section but by the wider community, hundreds of people turn out to pay their respects, the K9’s are held in the same regard as Police Officers, they are allocated numbers and any assault is prosecuted the same as if it were an officer.

In the UK, any offence committed against a Police Dog is dealt with as Criminal Damage or under sections contained within the Anti Social Behaviour Act, does this need to change?

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Many think so, the then Policing Minister, Damian Green was asked this question, his reply was there was already legislation to cover any offences and he felt no change was needed.

But things are changing, there are a number of retired Police Dog schemes, set up to support Police Dogs when they leave the service, but not all sections have them and they are all funded by donations. One Section has set in place medals and certificates to be presented to Police Dogs when they retire.

There are plans to have a fitting memorial placed at the National Memorial Arboretum dedicated to those Police Dogs killed during service, you can follow the progress of the memorial by visiting k9memorial.org.uk where we understand that the details of dogs killed in service are being collated to publish a ‘role of honour’

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