Do search dogs offer value for money?

We all love a bargain, but what is a bargain? 25% off? How about half price?

Got your attention? What if I was to offer you a 75% saving you’d be interested right?, and I was to offer you that deal everyday for the next seven years and the cost to you…a tennis ball or two.

You’d bite my hand off (excuse the pun), but it’s the real deal, a search dog can work at a rate 25x faster than any other method, that’s where you get your saving in time and money, vital in these days of austerity.

But that’s only half the story, we’re only scraping the surface of what our k9 friends are capable of, I’m sure you’re all aware the work service dogs do, drugs,money, firearms are all items that dogs are trained to find, but that’s easy peasy.

Dogs are now trained to find microscopic spots of blood and even the ‘scent of death where there is no physical evidence.

So let’s turn it up another notch, dogs that can detect cancer from a sample of breath,incredible especially when you consider that this is with an accuracy rate above 95%, and now research is about to start in the ability of dogs to detect other disorders such as Parkinson’s.

There will inevitably be the discussions about value for money and electronic noses vs dogs, but we already know who the winner will be.

Don’t we?

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