Dog Bites and Children – Don’t Hug The Dog ?

This is National Bite Prevention Week and K9WH were lucky to attend the National Bite Prevention conference hosted by Victoria Stilwell at the Lincoln University over the weekend. Bite Conference


There were many great speakers and the knowledge they shared was just fantastic. However K9WH have decided to step outside our comfort zone with this report. Take a look at the following gallery     

Ok, these are just a few images we downloaded from free image site you can go onto any social media site and find thousands of cute images of kids cuddling dogs, and don’t they look cute. But is it right? Is it safe? Who’s at risk?

We are not making judgements on these images or any others. Though we may be out of our comfort zone two ladies who presented at the conference were definitely not. Justine Schurmanns & Leah Hatley founders of Don’t Hug The Dog & Stop The 77  delivered a sensible and practical message on creating a safe environment for the whole family, dogs, kids, grandparents, everyone. Its a sad fact that most domestic dog bites are by dogs within the family. Their strategy is learn simple rules, include all members of the family and develop a safe environment for everyone to co-exist. Its not about isolating the dog or preventing the kids enjoying a fun  loving relationship with their canine friends. Its worth checking out the links here to discover more about this safe message.  (click link: photo ‘Family Dog’)

Pic 1

While teaching every level of dog training classes for 10 years, one problem stood out like a sore thumb: puppy school just wasn’t enough for families with young children. They needed more. So we started The Family Dog (an in-home dog training company) to bring practical solutions straight to families in need. It didn’t take long for word to get out. Before we knew it we were swamped! And that left two big fat problems: we couldn’t reach everyone locally and we quickly realized that just being “local” wasn’t enough! We wanted and needed to share this message with families all over the world.

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