Essex Stray Orla becomes Specialist Police Search Dog

An underweight rescue dog found ridden with fleas is starting a new life as an Essex Police drug, cash and weapons detection dog. Orla was donated to Essex Police’s Dog Unit as a rescue gift dog and is now able to search
cocaine, heroin and cannabis as well as ammunition and cash.

When Orla arrived at the Dog Unit in Sandon, Chelmsford, the springer spaniel border collie cross was extremely underweight and in poor medical condition. Her coat was so matted it had to be shaved off completely.

She had been taken in by Crofters Kennels in Rayleigh as a stray but became a member of the team at the Dog Unit after staff at the kennels suspected she had potential to be a great specialist police search dog.

The three-year-old bitch was nursed back to health by staff at the dog unit kennels, Helen, Maria and Jo, before she was paired with experienced handler Pc Paul Arthey in December 2014.

In June 2015, Orla became a fully-fledged police dog licensed to search and detect drugs including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA and herbal and resin cannabis.

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