Gibraltar’s Very Own Stig

Police dogs trained to UK standards are making their mark in Gibraltar.

Police Dog ‘Stig’ and PC Gerry Martinez were recently called to help catch a suspect arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The man had escaped custody from New Mole Police Station in Gibraltar after scuffling with officers. Police deployed a manhunt and requested help from Stig and PC Martinez. Stig soon picked up the scent and tracked the fugitive down an hour after
the escape. When cornered in a compound the suspect threatened PC Martinez. Stig was released and quickly recaptured the escapee. The man suffered no ill effects but was taken to hospital for checks. He pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentence.

GSD Stig has been a serving dog in Gibraltar for the last year and is one of the first dogs outside the British Isles to hold full ACPO accreditation. He was originally supplied by the South Yorkshire Police Force as part of an
ongoing working partnership.

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