National Service Dog Bravery & Achievement Awards 2016

On the 16th April, the 20th National Service Dog Bravery and Achievement Awards 2016 will be presented by the Honourable Lord Petre, HM Lord Lieutenant of Essex. 20 dog team nominations from the police, military and fire service will be recognised for their work and contribution.

The annual awards founded in 1990 were presented until 2008 when they were stopped. In 2014 at the request of The Afghanistan Trust they were re-instated.

Roy Dyer MBE
Roy Dyer MBE

One man has taken on the responsibility for organising the awards and collecting the nominations. Roy Dyer MBE from the Essex Dog Training Centre, Brentwood has a long history for his dedication to canine services and is pioneering in his work with Cynophobia. Roy told us that the awards are open to all areas of the service dog world, military, prison service, customs, fire & rescue, police services, search and rescue and the MOD to mention a few. The awards are issued to dog teams for their bravery, outstanding achievements and dedication to duty.

This year sees 20 nominations for outstanding contributions including the capturing of armed & violent criminals, work with International Search and Rescue, and actions in the theatre of war in Afghanistan.

The awards have received recognition from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister David Cameron.


From Bedfordshire Police

  • Pc Christopher Conneely & PD Paolo
Pc Christopher Connely & PD Paolo

From West Midlands Police Force Dog Section:

  • Pc Neil Cherrington & PD Titan
  • Pc Darryl Marsh & PD Jack
  • Dave Raymond – Breed Manager

From City of London Police

  • Ps Tim Slade

From 102 Military Working Dog Squadron Arms Explosive Search Section

  • Sgt Hale & Mwd Charlie
  • Cpl Harrop & Mwd Troy
  • Cpl Jacques & Mwd Travis
  • LCpl Hannah & Mwd Bob
  • LCpl March & Mwd Duke
  • LCpl Randles & Mwd Louie
  • LCpl Wilson & Mwd Pluto

From Avon & Somerset Police

  • Sgt Denis McCoy

From Essex Fire & Rescue Service

Gas Explosion

Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC)

  • 102 Military Working Dog Squadron Arms Explosive Search Section

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