Do you have the right emergency kit?

5.11 UCR IFAK BLACK 1How many times has your canine partner or pet dog sustained an injury when you are out and about? If your answer is never, you’re extremely lucky.

As I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse, you would probably assume that I’m always fully prepared for any canine emergency that may occur. But in reality – with my youngest dog in particular – the backup of having work 30 minutes away has not proved to be reliable. I realised this after Florence managed to lacerate two paws whilst out walking and I didn’t have so much as a wound dressing in the house.

Low Risk Kit Contents
Low Risk Kit Contents

It became clear that I wasn’t the only dog owner or handler who was completely unprepared for canine injuries and emergencies. I spoke to colleagues and fellow dog owners who admitted that they didn’t keep specific first aid equipment for their dog. Many dog owners weren’t even sure how to provide basic first aid treatment when immediate veterinary access wasn’t an option.

Speaking to local police and military working dog handlers, I was shocked when they explained that most of their canine first aid equipment was thrown together with out of date human equipment. The majority also confessed that the kit often lived in their vehicle, which was no use when they were two hours away from the car, with a dog weighing upwards of 40 kilograms. Cue MediK9.

Set up at the beginning of the year, MediK9 produce comprehensive first aid and trauma kits, aimed at those living or working with dogs. Three levels of kit cover all bases: The Low Risk Kits provide portable first aid for pet dogs and gundogs and are perfect for professional dog walkers and includes a first aid guide.Low Risk Kits

The Medium Risk Kit is aimed at search and rescue and search dogs and contains the necessary kit to treat basic grazes and lacerations, hypothermia and fractures.

The High Risk Kit, for military and police working dogs is fully customisable to the needs of the handler and canine partner. The kit is presented in a high quality, hard wearing 5.11 branded individual first aid kit (IFAK) with a zippered drop-down compartment, which you are able to attach to any MOLLE or web platform. The pouch also allows you to access your K9 kit with one hand, leaving your other hand free to restrain your dog. We supply high quality, advanced equipment, which is currently being used for human front line treatment.5.11 UCR IFAK BLACK 3

In order to get the best out of the kit, I will personally work with the client to decide which products will be of most use; this will depend on how comfortable the handler is in using the kit and their first aid techniques.

Whether your kit allows you to save your partners life or just clean a wound before you reach veterinary attention, I cannot stress enough how important it is to always be prepared.

To learn more about the kit visit or contact:

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