Julius K9 – IDC Power Harness

Where the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness scores high is in its flexibility and use.

With a wide range of accessories, ‘Velcro’ personalisation options and extra standard fittings like the clip-down security handle and 2 torch holders it really is a dream product for any ‘Tackleberry’ wannabe. Add its ergonomic design and breathable inner lining and you will have to search hard for a like harness elsewhere.

I would probably buy a chest strap attachment which spreads the load when used for bite-work training. Some might not like the reflective chest strap when tracking at night but that shouldn’t put anyone off. Overall a sturdy well-made bit of kit well worth checking out. Material quality of the machine washable fabric is good, stitching good and all fittings of equally good quality

Light Accessory

Light Accessory

A nice ‘Gucci’ accessory for the kit bag. This LED flashing light attaches by Velcro to Julius K9 collars and harnesses. Small, lightweight, waterproof with a replaceable battery it emits a decent light. And not just for the dog, how about clipping it onto your clothing or stab-vest for some personal protection. A versatile easy cheap accessory that has lots of uses. Its gets our vote.

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