Pettorway – GPS Tracker

IMG_1920The Pettorway Z3 is a gps tracking device that you can attach to your dog and track their movements in real time.

The device and app will also record the track enabling the user to review the dog’s journey, plotting distance and speed.

Other parties also have the ability to view the live feed by logging into the user’s account.

Initially designed for the pet market, the system works by using the EE network, the gps units are supplied with a thick rubber casing ensuring the unit is robust and waterproof to a depth of 1 metre.

We have been testing the Z3 on our dogs for a number of weeks and can already see the potential for working dog handlers from emergency services, military, search and rescue organisations and many more.

We’re working with the developers to see how the device can be adapted for use by working dog handlers, so we need your help, are you a working dog handler? Would you be interested in testing the Z3?

Contact the team at K9 Working Heroes.

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