RUFFWEAR – We got some professional help for these product tests (Test 3)

The last in our reviews of RUFFWEAR products tested with the help of Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire police and we’ve save the best till last.

Test -3 These simple little products almost don’t deserve a review but our testers gave them a glowing 5/5 and would have rated them even higher. A working dog and handler never know where they’re going to end up and a versatile water bowl like this really won our testers over. They called it “Brilliant” and highlighted its great design.20551_quenchercinchtop_pacificblue_500



Ruffwear dog bowls designs to choose from, all are lightweight, transportable and ergonomic. Our dog bowls are great for when your companion is hungry for food and thirsty for water. Just simply unpack the Ruffwear dog bowl and your dog is able to re-fuel anywhere, at any time

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