Introduction to tracking.

So this may have the appearance of a weird initiation for novice handlers, but it’s not, it’s a very basic way to get the handler to understand the effect of ‘line handling’ or to be more specific, good and bad IMG_0482line handling.

Line handling is one of the skills that the novice will get to learn during a thirteen week basic course.

What is line handling?

‘The Line’ is the umbilical cord that attaches the handler to the dog when the team are tracking. The handler (driver) can have a great effect upon the performance of the dog particularly if the dog is sensitive to unnecessary tension on ‘The Line’, a weaker dog can be influenced by to much pressure from the handler, making it even more vital for the handler to understand that his teammate is tracking and not just “going for a walk”.

Not all handlers are fortunate to be the dope at end of the rope, it takes hard work, skill and lots of practice to become an efficient and effective tracking team, it’s one of the most important things a novice needs to get to grips with as locating the bad guy at the end of several miles tracking is truly the best feeling a handler will ever have.IMG_0056

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